1. How can I order shirts?

Give Brian (480)363-2359 or Melissa (317)727-0895 a call.

2. What is the typical turn around time?

There are a lot of variables for each order. Some jobs can take a couple of hours and some jobs can take a couple of weeks.

3. What do you need from me to get started?

We need to know what color, what size and how many shirts you want. Most importantly, we need to know what to put on the shirt. If a picture can be supplied for the artwork, it makes everything much quicker.

4. Will I see a Proof?

Every order will have a proof. An E-mail will be the most used method to communicate that information.

5. Do you print things besides shirts?

Yes, we can print several fabric surface such as things like bags. E-mail us your ideas and we let you know if we can print it.

6. How many colors of ink can I use in my design?

On screen printed shirts, we can print up to 8 colors. The amount of colors and quantity decide the price.

7. Are there additional fees to have a two car design?

The design charge is based on a one car design and may cost more to add additional car.

8. How do re-orders work?

Re-orders can be as simple as a phone call. We charge a one time artwork and set up fee. If they're changes made to the second order, some fees may apply. The set up charge for re-orders start at $25.00.

9. Do you only draw race car custom art?

We offer a very wide variety of artwork that can be custom created. Small logos to full color prints can be produced.